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About us

 The Iron Sleds MC of Illinois was formed in Macoupin County back in 1976. A clubhouse was eventually established in the town of Nilwood in the early 80's and to this day it's where we call home.


We are a men only, family-type club sharing friendship with all who we meet out on the road. We all ride Harley-Davidson's with the exception of one Big Dog. If you're riding through and the clubhouse is open, feel free to stop in for a cold one. Our clubhouse is easy to find, an old brick service garage sitting next to Route 4.

 The fact that our building faces "Old Route 66" has created the opportunity to visit with a wide variety of people. The international attention meant I had to "Sprechen sie Deutch" in order to tend bar on one occasion. And some of us enjoyed Flip Wilson's company one Saturday for a little while, a couple of years before he died.

 While our main goals are to ride together and to have a good time, we long ago adopted a sense of civic responsibility. An annual donation to St. Jude's Children's Hospital; collecting over $2,000 for the Girard Christmas Club; and donating some wheelchairs for Senior's use at local supermarkets are but a few of the good deeds that have been done by us over the years. (My favorite is when we bought correspondence courses for a struggling Senior in a local High School. And she passed.)

  Our members are active in two different chapters of ABATE of Illinois. We are one of the founding Member Clubs of the S. Central Illinois Confederation of Clubs. Our club is also a sustaining member of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation.

   We sponsor several poker runs each year that are open to the public. Our Fall River Run is one of the most popular runs of the year in this area. It is not for the faint-hearted though, with it being a 150-mile plus run. And each summer, usually in July, we throw one hell of a party: our Annual Bash! With live music, field-events, tattoo artists, women, alcohol...I think you get the point. We learned how to throw a party a long time ago. I should mention that it's always held on "private property"!

  While remaining true to our founding chapter we have grown to the point of being seen almost anywhere in the West Central part of the state. We are a true MC that is proud to fly our colors' anytime we ride. And ride we do, often traveling out of state to party with our brothers. We have long been a part of the brotherhood of the open road. We enjoy an association with many different MC's and all are welcome in our house.

  See you in the wind.



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